You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Tom. . . . It seems every time I go to visit my Granny in the country it starts raining. Now it has been raining for

three days and it makes me crazy. You know I’m a sporty type and like to spend time outdoors. Do you often go to the country? What do you do there in bad weather? Are there places to go there when you are bored? Write him a latter and answer his 3 qestions. Write 100-120 words.
Помогите пожалуйста с письмом

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Hi dear friend Jane.

I am fine here. Thanks for letter. Yes, I often go to country.  I prefer visit the pizza hut when weather is bad. Some time we go to anti café, there can we practice for English speaking, we like be there. There also have a computer club; I like to play computer games. I hope I answered your questions. Please, write me, what do you do in the summer vocation? We are planning to visit the Turkey in this summer vocation. I will wait for your answer. Pay my regards to your parents.  

Your friend …….  

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