!Срочно! Напишите сочинение на английском языке про национальный костюм России

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Russian folk costume is a free shirt and pants for men, and for women — the same free shirt and sundress. Western caftan is also well accustomed to Russia, the masters began to richly decorate it with national ornaments. Men wore shirts over their shirts, armies, retinues, single-row, epanches and other types of outerwear.

Women usually wore several shirts, long, almost to the knees: the bottom, middle, and the top elegant and embroidered. Women and girls were warming themselves with camouflage jackets, fur muffs, in which they hid their hands, and a short warmed kaftan was worn over the sarafan: shushpanchik.

In winter, the Russian people, regardless of gender and age, warmed themselves with fur coats and fur coats.

The decoration of the national dress of Russia is embroidery, gold embroidery, ribbons, cuffs, collars and patch pockets with rich folk ornaments. For example, plant or images of strange fairy-tale animals. I myself just adore all this beauty!

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