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1. Go

2. A terrier is a  a small dog of a breed originally used for turning out foxes and other animals living under grownd. ( like bunnies)

A path is a way or track laid down for walking.

To refuse means to indicate or show that one is not willing to do something

A van is a medium sized vehicle, typically used for transporting goods

Alone means having no one else present.

An owner is a person that owns something

3. A) a surf board

B)rock climbing gear

C) a flashlight

D) a motorbike and a helmet

E) roller skates and a helmet

F) ice skates


A) extreme sports like rock climbing and kayaking is very dangerous

B) I understand that pets do not like to stay alone

C) my friend is a risk-taker. He never lets out a chance to go on adventures.

D)Travis rice got into extreme sports and got famous

E) i am going to try out parachute jumping

F)  the coach accompanied the athletes the a meeting

G) if you never saw how to fly with a parachute look up and keep you eyes on the sky.

H) Skott Murphy got into the guiness book of world records as the srongest man on earth.

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