Помогииите составить диалог «Plans for the weekend» ,чтоб с каждой стороны были маленькие реплики .Просто Hello

не считается) и чтобы были времена (Future simple be going to future continuous future perfect future perfect continuous present continuos present simple.Срооооочно.На завтра

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-Hey, Danny! How are you? What you going to do this weekend?

-Hello, Cris! I’m good, I thank you! Well, I have a lot of plans for this weekend!

-For example?

-At the first, I’m going to do my homework

-Yes, me too. I have a lot of

— Then I will go to the cinema with my family.

— Great! What else?

— I’m going to go to the swim pool, I want to learn how to swimming!

— Cool! I can swim since I was 5

— And the last thing I need to do is hard prepare for my exams! It won’t be easy, Mr Joseph said that we all should be ready to anything!

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