Напишите пожалуйста подобную сочинению про любимый вебсайт подчеркнутые слова использовать обязательно

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There are tons of websites on the Internet nowadays, which offer a wide range of possibilities. As an advanced user I check out dozens of sites every day. For example, if I want to listen to music, I open online radio sites. When I want to watch a film or a cartoon, I open online cinema sites. When I want to chat with friends, I use instant messengers or social networks. Sometime I use skype to video call my distant pals or relatives.

However, my favourite website is YouTube, because I can watch or download any types of video there. I can also share my favourite videos with the rest of the world. Everybody knows that it is the most popular video site in the world.

I like it for three reasons. Firstly, I can listen to the music that I like on this site and watch the video clips of the new songs. Secondly, I can find almost every new movie or cartoon there. Thirdly, on YouTube I see the latest news that happened around the world.  

In fact, in my free time I play in a music band, which was set by my friends. I play the drums, while my friends play the double bass and the guitar. People, who saw and heard our performance, say that we play good rock music. I often download the videos of our performance to YouTube and we get lots of positive feedback.  

In my opinion, this site has many advantages. One of them is that I can find the videos on any given topic: about pets, about sports, about cars, etc. The only disadvantage is the limit set on the length of videos. According to YouTube rules, the videos must be no longer than fifteen minutes.

У меня не открывается фотография, поэтому я сделала так.

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