Написать тему по плану. срочно

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Ты ведь не в Сочи живёшь?))
текст об отдыхе в Сочи:
I spent my holidays well. I went to rest in the city of Sochi with my mom, dad and sister. // during the holidays I was having a good time: swimming in the black sea, sunbathing on the beach and going on an interesting excursion around the city. when I swam in the sea, I sometimes found small jellyfish, they were transparent and inconspicuous. also during the holidays I went on an excursion to the Fisht stadium, where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held. We also saw there for the first time a fountain show, it was very beautiful. // But I liked Sochipark the most. there were a lot of rides in the park, where you can ride several times — this is very cool. I liked how we rested on the beach: bathed in the sea and sunbathed on the hot sand. We also went to the mountains from Sochi, it was cold there and there was snow, although it was very hot downstairs. In the mountains we went skiing — it is very fun and cool. // We had a great rest, saw a lot, I liked my vacation with it. How cool we swam. How did we quickly go skiing, and then climbed on the lift. I would like to return to Sochi next summer.
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