Мне нужна помощь по английскому языку.

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8. They’re going to school now.
9. I’m not sleeping now.
10. She’s not drinking coffee now.
11. We are not watching TV now.
12. They’re not eating now.
13. My mother is not working now.
14. Are you working now?
15. Is he playing now?
16. Are they eating now?
17. Is you sister resting now?
18. What are you doing now?
19. What are you reading now?
20. What are they eating now?
21. What is your brother drinking now?
22. Are everybody having a good time now?
23. Is she taking medicine now?
24. Where are they going now?
25. Are they speaking English now?

26. They go to school every morning.
27. I don’t sleep in the daytime.
28. She doesn’t drink coffee after lunch.
29. We don’t watch TV in the morning.
30. They don’t eat at the lesson.
31. My mother doesn’t work at an office.
32. Do you work every day?
33. Does he play in the afternoon?
34. Do they eat at school?
35. Does your sister rest after school?
36. What do you do every morning?
37. What do you read after dinner?
38. What do they eat for breakfast?
39. What does your brother drinking in the evening?
40. Do everybody have a good time on Saturday?
41. How often does she take medicine?
42. Where do they on Sunday?
43. What language do they usually speak?

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