Fill in the correct verb:
1. I ________ (see) a very interesting film yesterday.
2. We always ________ (play) volley-ball at school.
3. They ________ (visit) London two years

4. She often ________ (help) her mother at home.
5. Tom _________ (win) the championship last week.
6. Lana, you always ________ (come) in time!
7. We ________ (write) the test yesterday.
8. I always ________ (send) SMS to my friends.
9. My mother usually ________ (come) home at 5 o’clock.
10. The girls ________ (find) that game yesterday.
11. I often ________ (listen) to this wonderful song.
12. He ________ (not help) me with the text yesterday.
13. Liz ________ (not want) to go to the disco club today.
14. We _______ (not take part) in the performance yesterday.
15. Ben ________ (not often use) his vocabulary in the test.
16. The boys ________ (not play) football last Sunday.
17. The girls ________ (not want) to stay in the gym today.
18. I ________ (not often read) books.
19. We ________ (not go) to Madrid last Saturday.
20. Pam ________ (not like) to run at all.
21. Mona ________ (not do) her homework yesterday.
22. ________ you (go) to the gym every day?
23. ________ he (write) the test yesterday?
24. ________ they (win) the game last week?
25. ________ they often (do) their homework?
26. ________ she (win) a gold or a silver medal last Sunday?
27. ________ he (use) his gadgets every day?
28. ________ you (swim) in the swimming pool every day?
29. ________ they (swim) in the swimming pool yesterday?
30. ________ you always (play) computer games?
31. ________ you (play) computer games yesterday?
32. ________ he (go) to the sports club every day?
Пожалуйста, помогите с английским языком.
Необязательно всё списывать.

Ответ №1
12.didn’t help
13.doesn’t want
14.didn’t take part
15.doesn’t often use
16.didn’t play
17.don’t want
18.don’t often read
19.didn’t go
20.doesn’t like
21.didn’t do
22.Do you go …
23.Did he write …
24.Did they win …
25.Do they often do …
26.Did she win …
27.Does he use …
28.Do you swim …
29.Did they swim …
30.Do you always play …
31.Did you play …
32.Does he go …
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