дам 15 баллов тому кто решит это правельно и быстро. Read the text again. Complete the table with the words from
the box.


room, bedroom, house, chest, plant, guests,

I love visiting my grandparents. They live in a two-room (1) house
which consists of a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. The house
is not very big but it’s comfortable. In the living room they have a low
table and lots of jer toshoks. The toshoks are decorated with Kyrgyz
ornaments. My granny likes making them. When (2) come,
they remove the table so that there’s room for everyone to sleep on the
floor. There isn’t a sofa or armchairs. On the wall there is a painting
of Ala Archa Pass. I don’t think the (3)_____ is expensive but it’s
amazing. I like the (4) ______in the corner of the room because
it’s green and beautiful.
My grandparents’ (5)_____ is next to the living room. There
isn’t a bed there because they like to sleep on the floor. There’s
a tush kiyiz on the wall. The tush kiyiz is colourful: red, yellow,
blue, green, orange, and purple. There’s an old wood chest in the
corner of the room. My granny’s parents gave it to her when she
got married to my granddad. I don’t know what’s in the chest
because my granny never allows me to look into it. There’s a stock
of juurkans on the (6)_______ . There are curtains next to the chest.
The curtains are white with small flowers on them. I like this
(7)____ because it’s quiet.

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