Cоставить 10 предложений в наст.пр. и наст.длит.временах


Ответ №1
Present Simple (настоящее простое)
1. I feel euphoric.
2. Now I have my English lesson.
3. My friend likes rock music.
4. I have a cat, and he likes to seat next to me.
5. I love my mum so much.
6. I like fruits and vegetables.
7. I want to visit many countries.
8. She keeps money for new telephone.

Present Continues
1. Now I’m having a walk.
2. My friend is waiting for her parents.
3. I’m eating chicken for dinner.
4. We are playing football every PE lesson.

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Ответ №2

Past simple.

1. I did not understand this question.

2. She often visited mе.

3. I went to the theatre yesterday evening.

4. She didn’t help me.

5.We didn’t play computer games

Present continues.

1. He is doing his homework at the moment.

2. The telephone isn’t working.

3. Why are you laughing?

4. We are landing in Ottawa in 15 minutes.

5. Jane is talking with her father at the moment

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