Составить диалог о любимом животном на английском языке.Только пожалуйста можно не из интернета брать

ответ.Заранее пасибос)0))

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-What’s your favorite pet?
-My favorite pet is a cat
-because he look like а tiger anb tiger is very strong and so fast. Also cats so soft and cute
-what is eating your cat?
-my cat eating milk and fish
-what he likes to play?
-he likes to play with ball and my hand!
-you have interesting pet!!!! Thank you that you told about your pet!!!
-Thank you very much! I hope you liked the cats

Я надеюсь этого достаточно.

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Hello there my favorite jivotni he’s not sorry trodas Tweedledee there people have already answered you so sorry.
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