Interpol is an international corporation founded in 1923 as a service organization devoted to coordinating actions against international criminals. Its clients are 174 agencies throughout

the world. This organization is not under the control or supervision of any government.

Interpol is a recognized intergovernmental police force whose task is to hunt down the international criminal. A multinational force, much like the United Nations, Interpol is made up of police of the Free World and a bona fide law enforcement agency in its own right. Among the first to fight international terrorism and sky-jackings, Interpol still leads the war on narcotics, assists a number of nations in the continuing search for wanted Nazi war criminals. One of the most highly respected groups in the world, Interpol, like any other police force is under governmental control to safeguard the basic rights of every citizen. It operates according to a strict code of behaviour and adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Interpol has never been recognized or established by any international charter or treaty and has no police powers. Because of Interpol’s cooperation with the UN particularly in the area of drugs, Interpol was recognized as an intergovernmental organization.

Interpol members are, for the most part, police and not governmental representatives, although certain governments have sent observes from their military, intelligence, customs, post office, and immigration departments.

Interpol does not have powers of arrest or any investigative rights. Its function is to disseminate information. Today 80 percent of the permanent staff is French. Interpol is much like any large corporation with bureaus in various countries and with representatives from these offices also stationed at the main office. Information is exchanged between the many national bureaus, but the police forces themselves are subject to the laws and policies of their respective nations.
1)разделите текст на логические части
2)дайте краткое содержание каждой части в 1-2 предложения

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Dear Maurice,
How are you doing? I hope (1) (you / do well). Recently (2) (I / think) about you and your family a lot. Even though (3) (I / find) many new friends here, I still miss you. I’m sorry I haven’t called you in a long time, but (4) (I / be busy). (5) (I / play) more soccer lately, and (6) (it / take up) a lot of my time. (7) (I / not / even / sleep) much recently, because there is so much to do. My French (8) (get better) but it’s still not as good as yours. But (9) (I / learn) a lot of new words and I think you would be proud of me! Well, give Bucky a big hug for me! (10) (I / see) many dogs in my new neighbourhood but none of them (11) (be) as cute as him! Tell your parents (12) (I / shop) for them and (13) (I / buy) them a nice gift. (14) (I / keep an eye) out for things they might like. Can’t wait to see you again!
All the best,

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