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For the next summer vacation, I would like to go to Italy. This is a huge country, it’s delightful! Fabulous architectural masterpieces surprise me when I see pictures of these fantastic places or read books about it.    Also, I’d really like to try Italian cuisine. You can not try the pizza, lasagna, pasta more delicious in other countries than in Italy. I believe that the most beautiful Italian language, all the songs in that language are gorgeous, and I listen to them with pleasure.  Most of all I want to visit Venice — a city on the water. It’s an incredible sight! A trip to the gandolle, see all the outdoor concerts, visit the great museums and, finally, be sure to buy a real Venetian mask with a colorful pattern. I think that this city is more romantic than Paris. Exploring have shown that after 90 years of this amazing city go under water due to the rains and winds. It is unfortunate, but we can be the last to see this incredible city historic architecture should visit Venice each.Italy is a beautiful country
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