I. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

** Fortunately the news (wasn’t / weren’t) as bad as we expected.


They say that money (is / are) the soul of business.

** Please, bring us two (tea / teas) and a coffee.

** Two (is / are) the company, but three (is / are) a crowd.

** Economics (is / are) my favourite subject.

** It’s very difficult to find a (work / job) at the moment.

** My luggage (was / were) lost by the airline.

** There (is / are) gentlemen waiting for you in reception.

** Do you think people (is / are) satisfied with the government?

*** Three days (isn’t / aren’t) long enough for a good holiday.

*** The personnel (is / are) very happy with the new premises.

*** Where (is /are) the goods that we ordered the day before yesterday?

*** The rich usually (pay / pays) more taxes.

*** The committee usually (raise / raises) their hands to vote “Yes”.

*** I have to pay my rent out of my (wage / wages).

*** The police (want / wants) to interview two men about the robbery last week.

*** Positive feedback is necessary so that staff (know / knows) that their job is highly appreciated.

*** It was always the brightest students who (were / was) asked to answer the questions.

*** One of the most serious problems that some workers have (is / are) lack of motivation.

*** Our new consultant was very helpful. He gave us some very useful (advice / advices).

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4)are, are
6) work
12) are
дальше не знаю

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