Give a word for the following definition:

The upper part of a man’s body.
The part of the face above the eyebrows.
The part of the face between the nose and the ears.

The part of the body from hand to the shoulder.
The part of the body that connects the head and the shoulders.
The end of the human arm.
The front of the head.
The joint between the two parts of the arm.
The eye cover when the eyes are shut.
The hair that grows on the edge of the eyelid.
The thin line of hair above the eye.
The ppart of the face above the eyes.
The natural colour and appearance of the skin (esp.the colour of the face).
The face and its expression.
A small, light-brown spot on the skin ( esp.on the face and hands) produced by sunburn.

Ответ №1
1. chest
2. forehaed
3. mouth
4. elbow
5. neck
6. fingers
7. face
8. wrist
9. eyelid
10. eyelashes
11. yeybrows
12 forehead
13. complaxion
14.facial expression

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